Night Dive Trips

If you already experienced doing night dives, you know that it is so special and different from daily ones. Jaw opening planktons which are  glowing and shining like small stars while you  move your hand or leg  in water makes night dive extra ordinary experience in Oman water

 During night dive you will see different fish, that you can’t encounter during the day because they come out mainly at night, or same fish in a different attitude, like feeding, sleeping,..and you will see the proper color of the fish and corals!

Night dives are always a challenge and can be very surprising!

Night dives start before sunset from the marina ( time depending on the time of the year) and are performed in small groups, to ensure maximum safety and fun.

If this interests you, contact us and ask for more details.

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Package Details

OMR 30/- Tank & weight

Tank and weight 30 OMR
Equipment 10 OMR
Permits, fruits, water and juice