Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Oman

The coastline of Oman is a great hidden treasure that remains as mysterious as the stunning sea-life present within its undying abyss of curiosity arousing waters.

An oasis of vast sand dunes, serrated mountains and lush canyons, Oman is also home to awe-aspiring seas over the coast of the Arabian Sea which, for a person looking to experience the adrenaline rush of snorkeling and diving, is nothing less of a dream land. Muscat,the Capital of Oman is also ideal for Scuba diving. This rugged remote country has abundant water and supports a very diverse and abundant marine life.

Divers are mesmerized by the window of opportunity to engulf themselves into the bewitching coral reefs swarming in fascinating marine life, including the magnificent whale sharks. A huge diversity of soft and hard corals, sea slugs and coral reef fish can be found in this area. Different types of whales, dolphins, turtles, rays and sharks such as hawksbill turtles, white tip reef sharks, spinner dolphins and bottle nose dolphins can also be seen by thrilled tourists.

The best time to go scuba diving or snorkeling is thought to be from the month of October till May as these months harbor favorable conditions for such sensational activities, which include calm sea and warm water. Cool upheaval during the monsoons lead to the formation of a kelp forest in Oman; after it withers towards the end of September, it grants a unique opportunity of swimming within beautiful seaweed and coral location, all within the same location! Sea turtle fans should visit in May and June to see the green turtles and hawksbill turtles nesting on the island’s beaches.

Although the language of Oman’s thriving coral reefs and marine life is beginning to spread, scuba diving is still a relatively new activity in the country. Only a handful of dive centers make day trips to diving hotspots scattered along the coast from Dimaniyat Island, near Muscat. The Bay is clustered off the coast of Muscat and is home to Oman’s most popular diving destinations. The UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the Deimaniyat Islands, the rocky Fahar Island, the Almunasir Shipwreck and the Bandar Kayan Reef.

If you’re looking for a secluded and undiscovered spot in Oman to go snorkeling or scuba diving, the Dimaniyat Islands are the place to go. Located south of Muscat, these barren islands have small fishing villages and great diving spots that can only be accessed through a boat. There are several shipwreck dives in the area. Highlights of marine life include manta rays, dolphin pods, humpback whales, and even sperm whales.

If you’re looking for a whale shark, visit the island’s offshore in summer and autumn. Divers have the chance to see the whale shark’s relative, the zebra shark. Close to Muscat, the limestone wedges on Fahar Island, also often referred to as “Shark Island”, provides divers with healthy soft and hard coral gardens, shipwrecks, swim-through caves, and various types of exuberant fishes resting on the ocean floor.

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