About Us

About Us

Pearl Dimaniyat Diving Center:


What has been motivating us since the beginning is the love for marine life and the satisfaction in seeing the happiness in our divers. Our goal is to conduct our activities with the maximum safety and to bring joy and excitement.

Our mission is to introduce this excellent sport in local and international market. We want to spread the awareness of coral reefs, Ocean and the envorment inside it.

We love to dive; we love to teach!

After gaining 9 years’ experience in the diving industry, we were finally able to build Pearl Dimaniyat Diving Centre.

The Dimaniyat islands are Oman’s first marine nature reserve and consist of 9 islands, aligned from East to West.

We have here 22 dive sites, all of them different and offering a breath taking view of coral reefs, walls, big fishes, pelagic fish, turtles and everything in warm water!! The dive sites start from 5 to 25 metres. Visibility, depending on the time of the year, ranges from 5 till 25 metres.

Additionally, we dive as well at Fahal island, well known for its fish richness and diverse coral coverage, found no where else in Oman.

On request we also go to Bander Alkairan and we do dive in Oman famous wreck AL Munasir Wreck.