Scuba Diver Course

When you don’t have the time to do the full Openwater course you can do half of it and become a scuba diver,
It is a recognized course, valid forever and all over the world, with a maximum depth of 12 meters.

Package Details

OMR 150/-

scuba certificate
Full equipment
personal training

When to do Scuba diving in Oman

Finding a dive buddy can quickly become a problem if none of your friends or family members is as enthusiastic about scuba diving as you are. Knowing where to look is essential whenever you want to go on new underwater adventures, whether locally or abroad. Even if you believe you see no one, it is easier than you think to make new friends who enjoy Scuba diving in oman. The excellent news is that frequent dive groups you can contact or take training, whether you look online or in person.

Dive sites in Oman are well-known. Warm water, pristine dive sites, and an abundance of marine life can be found here, all without a horde of other divers or boats. The country’s natural beauty includes vast deserts, wadis bustling souks, and Muscat’s beautiful waterside capital. A new liveaboard Scuba diving in oman destination, the Musandam Peninsula, the Daymaniyat Islands, and the Hallaniyat Islands are excellent options. There are liveaboard safaris available that take divers to each location for seven or ten nights, with each proposing its own unique set of dive highlights. Among the sea life to be found are turtles, whales, molas, crooks, and other rays. In Oman, divers of all levels can enjoy some of the best scuba diving opportunities.

A 5 mm wetsuit should be sufficient for most divers in Oman’s waters, ranging from 24 to 30 C in the winter to summer. Aside from being the whale-shark season, the best time to go Scuba diving in oman is from December to March, when water temperatures are mild, and the air is comfortable for land excursions and diving. If you’re a fan of Daymaniyat Islands and want to see them nesting, you should visit on beaches From November till May.

Scuba diving in muscat is on everyone’s bucket list when they visit exotic locations. In your spare time, you’ve probably seen pictures of friends having a blast underwater, interacting with marine life. As a diver, you’ll be able to see and experience the underwater world in a whole new way, as well as capture and preserve these priceless moments in time.

It is often overlooked that Muscat is located on the Gulf of Oman, which connects the Arabian Sea to the Persian Gulf. The museums and landmarks of the capital can be visited during a trip to the desert. Dive sites are not shared with other boats as in the Red Sea because of fewer divers. Despite the lack of current and swell, Muscat’s maximum depths ranged from 20 to 30 metres. Scuba diving in muscat’s most famous dive site is the Damaniyat Islands, but many other world-class dive sites nearby, such as Bander Al Khairan and Fahal Island. A lot of new hotels are being built here, as opposed to Hurghada, where most of the hotels are still under construction. In addition to the Opera House and Mutrah Souk, Muscat’s Old City and Qurrum Beaches restaurants called The Wave, all built around a marina.

The bottom line is that scuba divers of all skill levels, especially those who prefer shallow water, can find many diving spots worldwide. Exploration of the deep sea and encounters with marine life are made easy here. Those looking for adventure can explore the many shipwrecks and learn about the region’s rich maritime heritage. Families love to go shallow-water snorkelling here, too! Muscat is a great place to visit because it has so many options. So grab your fins and mask and head out to the nearest body of water. Dive in and have fun with Scuba diving in muscat.